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Passholder RFID Exchange at EPCOT


On March 25, 2013, I exchanged my paper Annual Passholder ticket for a plastic card embedded with RFID technology. This exchange was at the Odyssey at EPCOT, where many cool things are on display. I deeply apologize for the blurriness of the wording on most of the signs, it was mostly dark with spot lighting, and the hanging signs were moving in the breeze of the air conditioning. Regardless, there are some great memories here!

Enjoy the pics, the next round will be better!

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7 thoughts on “Passholder RFID Exchange at EPCOT

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  2. I’m not ready for the creepy disney stalker RFID AP, but i might have to “casually get lost” to see all the epic old school disney stuff!!

  3. I admit I’m a bit creeped out by the notion of the RFID stuff, but still curious and excited to try it all that the same time lol!

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