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Fireworks over the castle on a Wednesday night in December.


Welcome to my little corner of the web… This will be yet another (mostly) Disney photo blog among myriad examples online. The main difference you’ll find here is the lack of commentary, news, and actual useful information. This site is an extension of my twitter life – and you probably found it from twitter, where I go by @AtDisneyAgain. Expect a lot of pictures (of some of the most mundane things), a LOT of personal takes on what’s in the pictures, and occasional posts from excursions to places other than Walt Disney World.

I joined twitter in January 2012, shortly before One More Disney Day in an effort to share my experiences from that event with anyone who was foolish enough to follow me. By the end of OMDD, I had about 50 followers. I thought that was pretty cool, so I kept tweeting pictures of what I saw at the parks.

In the beginning, I was just tweeting pics straight from my iPhone 4S using the native twitter app. I didn’t feel the need to do any processing or filtering. In October 2012, I upgraded to an iPhone 5 and used almost exclusively Instagram to process and post my pictures.

I really liked – and still like – what the iPhone 5 can do, and it’s always with me in the parks. However, I really wanted more control and to be able to emulate the types of photos my Disney traveling partner @DizParksFan can take with her DSLR. I spent two weekends photographing Walt Disney World with my Canon SD780 IS point and shoot camera around Thanksgiving 2012 and immediately realized I needed more control and options for my photos. I really loved what I was getting with the point and shoot but I wanted to go full DSLR.

As luck would have it, I decided I wanted a new camera around the time that quite a few were available on Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. All of my friends shoot Canon, so I chose to go with Canon so I could readily get help and borrow/lend lenses amongst them. After Thanksgiving dinner at Boma, my family retired to Mara to have some coffee and look over Black Friday ads. I found a Canon T3 at Target at a pretty good price – and even better, the price was good through Sunday so I didn’t need to rush. I returned home from Disney on Sunday evening and went to buy the camera only to discover it was sold out online! I googled for “Canon T3 Black Friday Deals” and actually stumbled across a killer deal for the T3i with three lenses and a memory card. I ordered it from B&H Photo and anxiously awaited UPS’ delivery of the awesomeness.

The T3i was a FABULOUS idea. I absolutely love it and have the ability to take some really stunning shots. I’ve got five different lenses: 18-55 “kit lens,” 50mm prime, 28mm prime, 55-250 telephoto, and a 75-300 telephoto lens. I also wanted to share the pics in higher resolution with everyone, so I added Flickr to my arsenal. This was about the same time that Instagram was having a meltdown, so the timing seemed right. I also wanted to make my photos a bit more accessible than just being on twitter and Flickr, so I decided to come here and start this little blog that I hope to stuff with photos to get you guys through those times between trips… I can’t imagine living as far from Walt Disney World as many of you do!

In summary:

  • January-February 2012: iPhone 4s, twitter app, 50 followers
  • Summer 2012: Instagram
  • November 2012: Canon SD780 IS point and shoot, Flickr
  • December 2012: Canon T3i w/ a variety of lenses, Flickr, Instagram, twitter, light iPhoto editing, WordPress, 1000+ followers.
  • The future: I really dig those light field cameras… Hmmm… Also think I want to get into some heavier processing, tilt-shift, and maybe HDR. We’ll see!

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