Dinner at T-REX, Downtown Disney

To kick off my birthday weekend, we headed to T-REX at Downtown Disney for an afternoon bite. I had to be to bed pretty early to wake up for the Magic Behind our Steam Trains tour the next morning, so a 3:00 opening was perfect. We loved the sights and sounds inside T-REX, had some delicious food, and really enjoyed the service given to us by manager Robert and our server Kevin. These guys could make us feel welcome in a prison labor camp! After eating at T-REX, a stroll over to the LEGO Store was mandatory… then back to the car to get some sleep to be at Magic Kingdom at 6:45 the next morning. Yes. 6:45. AM. Morning.

Anyway, enjoy the pics! Pictures of the food are on my Instagram, where I go by AtDisneyAgain . My usual partner in crime, @DizParksFan posted pics of this evening to both her twitter and her Instagram as well (DizParksFan there, too).

As my twitter friends pointed out, T-REX did get a bit loud, but it’s to be expected: you’re eating with dinosaurs!

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