The Magic Behind our Steam Trains Tour

On Saturday, January 19, 2013, I was treated to a tour I’ve long wanted to experience. One of my birthday presents from my good friend and Disney partner in crime was the Magic Behind our Steam Trains tour! This tour starts ABSURDLY early in the morning – I was told to be at the gates at 7:00am. I parked at the Contemporary and was luckily having a good day on my bionic ankle for my pre-dawn stroll to the Kingdom. I cannot recommend this tour enough, even for casual train fans! Take a look through the pics, as many of them have captions explaining what’s happening. Many, MANY of the pics appear to be repeats, and there’s a reason for that: before taking this tour myself, I was only able to find a handful of pictures online. I wanted to share the magic of this tour with all of you, even if you don’t take the tour yourself.

I hope you enjoy the pics, and I encourage any questions!!!