One Man’s Dream at Hollywood Studios

Few people seem to notice this hidden treasure brought to the public by Disney’s D23 (as promised, a shout out here to @CountyRd535 for all his work with D23). After you’re done running to get your Toy Story Midway Mania FastPass first thing in the morning, head back toward the front of the park a few dozen yards, and look to your left.

Just past the newest exhibit about Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll find a small entrance that doesn’t nearly measure up to the treasures within. Many of the treasures are shown in my photo gallery below, but I deliberately held back so that you’d go see One Man’s Dream all for yourself. There are a few models and displays that change, as well as a movie at the end of which I took no pictures.The current big display is of the New Fantasyland model – something which you have to see for yourself.

I cannot recommend this attraction enough. Even if you’re not a huge Disney fan, it’s dark, air-conditioned, and usually pretty calm. Please go, I want Disney to understand how important the history is to us!

Hope you enjoy!



Edited to add: I didn’t watermark or shrink down any of the pictures. I feel this exhibit is worthy of as little interference as possible. This is the real, honest, hands-on history of Walt Disney and his creations. I don’t think shrinking the pics or watermarking them are rights that I have.

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