Hollywood Studios at Night – Wide Angle

In this gallery, you will find pictures of Hollywood Studios (which I still tweet as MGM half of the time), taken on February 11th, 2013. I normally do not visit the parks after work, but I had a training day with no students and thus was able to leave my home at 3:30. I also needed to buy a Tables in Wonderland card to purchase tickets to an event that were going on sale the following morning.

The gear was the usual: 28mm lens, Canon T3i camera, tripod. Most of the shots were taken with a fish eye adapter recommended by @mearn on twitter. Yes, I probably overused it… but it’s my blog, so I can do that. :) Pics were lightly edited using iPhoto for OS X. Some of the photos have some effects on them, just for fun. I would like to make a few of these into wallpapers – please leave comments on those which you would like to see in full-resolution! Also, I didn’t caption anything, as it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Hope you enjoy,

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  1. Nathan says:

    LOVE these. I will be the first to admit that DHS is not exactly my favorite park, but, just like all the other parks, it is filled with the very immersive details that make Disney so unique. I never get tired of seeing pics of little details I never noticed before.

    1. I noticed that little gargoyle on the side of Brown Derby for the first time this trip! I love finding little details, too.

  2. Gorgeous shots x

    1. Thanks!

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