Boardwalk Boat Ride to World Showcase Lagoon at Night


This is my fourth post in four days… I hope I’m not overdoing it my readers – I just want to share the pics! These are from the same weekend as my Port Orleans Royal Guest Rooms post and my IllumiNations post. I parked at Boardwalk and grabbed some dinner before riding the Friendship boat to EPCOT to photograph some fireworks with my new tripod.

I arrived nice and early, and was able to score a bench down behind the fish and chips stand in the UK Pavilion, toward the France side. Now, I’d love to share many more night time World Showcase photos with you, and I will. However, tonight, I was on foot and with my disability and limited mobility, I was restricted to shooting from my viewing spot.

Many of the pics are very similar, with just a few variations. I also played with color and saturation more than I normally do. I just felt the area and the pictures were too pretty not to share, so I shared nearly all of them – even the mistakes. The usual equipment: Canon T3i, 28mm F/1.8 lens, Manfrotto tripod, Rocketfish 8-point star filter, and non-name remote shutter release (for bulb mode).

I hope you enjoy the pics, let me know if you want me to make any available full-size for wallpaper!

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