New Year’s Eve Fireworks at MGM/Hollywood Studios

Hello again!

I’m really trying to clear a backlog of pics in iPhoto, which you can probably tell by this being my fifth post in five days. I hope, again, that I’m not overloading you!

These pictures are of the fireworks from New Year’s Eve at Hollywood Studios (MGM!), where I always go for New Year’s Eve fireworks, despite everyone saying “EPCOT is way just more better!” I disagree, as a person who doesn’t like massive crowds, and who can’t stand for extended periods of time, Hollywood Studios fits the bill just fine. Also, I do EPCOT fireworks for Independence Day. At MGM, you can grab a table on Echo Lake around dusk and set up a base camp with your friends. The three people in my group were able to hold our perfect spot without really diminishing our experiences in the park – I guess since we’re all passholders, there’s little pressure to wait 180 minutes for Toy Story Midway Mania.

These shots are from before I had a tripod, so they’re all handheld. I’d owned my camera for about two weeks at the time. All of them are shot on a Canon T3i with a 28mm lens and processed in iPhoto for OS X. I am always learning, and that was especially true this early in my shooting. Because of this, I was changing settings and experimenting throughout.

As always, I’m sure I’ll make one or more of these available full-size for wallpaper. Please let me know if any of them would utterly complete you if they were full size.

Thanks for reading and please share!

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