Flights of Wonder at Animal Kingdom


This post is about the Flights of Wonder show in the Caravan Stage Theater in Asia an Animal Kingdom. It’s a wonderful show that I feel too few people have seen! I hope my pictures entice you to catch it next time you’re at my favorite park. The show is very educational, but not boring. It’s also got great messages about conservation and environmentalism, but is not at all preachy.

The pictures are shot with a Canon T3i, using a 55-250mm lens. Pictures are from January 2, 2013. This is the same trip on which I took this picture of Everest at night.

If you love Animal Kingdom as much as I do, you really should check out my friend Mike’s site over at Jambo Everyone! Mike let me know the types of birds in the photos below. He’s a great guy like that.

Enjoy the pics!

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