A Day in Paradise – Fort De Soto Park


In a departure from my normal posts, I decided to share a slice of the paradise I call home. I live in Pinellas County and realize that I have been remiss in sharing the county which I love. For this post, I decided to drive down St. Pete Beach to Pass-a-Grille and then head across the Pinellas Bayway to Fort De Soto – taking pics all the way. All of the things in these pics are everyday events – anyone who came to Fort De Soto could see any of these things… This is just a regular day here. I did not take any photography of the historic fort, as I wanted to capture the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and the essence of where I live. As always, click on the picture to read the caption… And, yes, I’m aware of the huge number of pics of the same bridge. I like it. :) Also, you may notice that there are no pictures of white sandy beaches – I don’t need to take those pictures, there are already tons of those out there and they’re likely much better than mine. I wanted to share the parts of the park you may not have seen before.

I took the pics, as always, on a Canon T3i and processed in iPhoto for OS X on my MacBook. The lenses were a 55-250mm f.4-5.6, a 50mm f/1.8, and a 28mm f/1.8. I used a number of different exposure settings and played with a lot of shutter speeds to find what worked best.

I hope you enjoy the pics… I’ll do some more posts of non-Disney subjects this summer, I’m sure.


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