A night at Wyndam Lake Buena Vista



On the recent weekend of May 3rd – May 5th, my family and I took a trip over to Hollywood Studios for the May the 4th be with You Limited Time Magic celebration. We often stay on Disney property for weekend stays such as this, however due to sporting events taking place at the ESPN Wide World of sports that weekend, Disney Hotels were driving up their prices!

In conclusion, we found the Wyndam Lake Buena Vista hotel located across the street from Downtown Disney. This hotel surprised me, and the rest of my family greatly. This stay was one of the greatest stays we have ever had off Disney property. From clean hotel rooms, to amazing views featured below in pictures, to a friendly and welcoming staff. This hotel was great, at a very affordable price! I greatly recommend this hotel as a backup plan or for anyone staying short term in the Orlando area. Enjoy!

– Cam

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