Six Animal Kingdom Lodge Wallpapers

Click each image below for a 2160 x 1440 image that I hope you will find just perfect for wallpaper.


These Zulu shields hang high in the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby, providing a wonderful, warm light below.
I over-saturated this shot of the Sunset Savannah a little bit to show how incredibly vivid everything was in person. I like the slight bit of distortion around the edges – a bit of fisheye thanks to my 10-22 lens. I wish you all could’ve been here.
This was the view outside of our room on my last trip. I was utterly blessed to receive a free savannah view upgrade (no idea why, so don’t ask!). This shot got me up at 5:30am, and was completely worth it. So peaceful and beautiful watching the sun rise and the mist burn off the savannah.
A long-exposure shot of the back portion of the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby, toward the staircase under the bridge.
A long-exposure shot facing the front of the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby.
A long-exposure shot with my camera sitting on the edge of the medallion in the center of the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby. I absolutely LOVE how cavernous this makes the lobby feel and look.

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