Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

Good evening!

Last Sunday, my brother and I decided to check out the new Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge at Hollywood Studios. Just like the menu says, the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge is the place to see and be seen; @samhowzit, @JENginerd, @happyplaceblog, @macabresalad, @SparklyNicole, and @JimDoyle all stopped by to say hi over the course of our meal.

The Lounge had only been open a little over a week when we decided to give it a shot, so we were expecting the usual hiccups and opening-week jitters. The food was beautiful and delicious. The drinks were surprisingly affordable, plentiful, and tasted great. The service was… What was that I said about opening-week jitters? Yeah… I hope, in time, service issues will clear up so that many more people will enjoy their visits to the Lounge. I will say that a breezy Sunday afternoon is an ideal time to enjoy a patio setting within earshot of live music from Mulch, Sweat and Shears.

Pictures were taken with a Canon 6D using a 28mm f/1.8 lens. I wasn’t expecting to blog about the experience (instead Instagramming most of it), so I do apologize for the lack of photo variety and the shots being of lower quality than usual.

I do hope you’ll visit the Lounge and see some old friends, like I did one Sunday afternoon!

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