Gingerbread Wonderland at the Land Pavilion


This past week, I saw Disney tweet about a Gingerbread Wonderland at EPCOT – I visited their site at and thought it looked SO COOL! I thought their site was a little light on the pics, so I decided to go take some to share with you. One problem: the Gingerbread Wonderland in the Disney site is not what is on display. The main elements are the same between the website and reality, but they’ve been taken apart and reassembled in a random way. I’ve shared 20 pictures with you in the gallery below, some of which are captioned with my confusion and observations. The display clearly took a lot of work and a ton of skill – I am not in any way downplaying the hard work of Disney Chefs (youknowI loveDisneyfood), but this is so random and strange… Just ignore the context and enjoy the gingerbread art!

Pictures were taken with a Canon 6D using a 24-105mm f4L lens, and processed in Aperture for OS X.

Update: @PixieDustDaily has pointed out that the landmarks are all Adventures by Disney trips. There is NO signage on the display.


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  1. Rich says:

    Man, I hope that wasn’t my tweet that sent you on such a confusing journey! I was wondering when I posted it why I hadn’t seen any pictures or heard of it on Twitter, etc.

    1. Haha. Nah… I think I chose this one on my own.

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