Spice Road Table at Epcot

Salam Aleikum!

Over my insanely great birthday weekend, Melissa and I shared many wonderful experiences – both old and new. DisneyDweller joined us on one of those new experiences as we visited Spice Road Table, the newest addition to Epcot.  As is our new way of doing things, my girlfriend has an in-depth write up on her blog while you’ll find tons of pics here on mine. My overall feelings are summed up very simply: BEAUTIFUL space with delicious food that costs a bit too much.

Pictures were all taken with a Canon 6D using 28mm and 24-105mm lenses, and a Canon EOSM using 22mm and 10-22 lenses. All photos processed in Aperture for OS X. The photos have details in most of their captions – just click for more info!

Bislama and shukran jazilan,

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