When is a sales booth an attraction?

Anchors aweigh!

Recently, while roaming the shores of New Fantasyland with Melissa, we stumbled across a beautiful little alcove. This alcove, apparently, was a DVC sales kiosk that had already been closed for the evening – but we didn’t let this stop us from exploring. The two of us couldn’t believe that such care and theming was put into the construction of a shipbuilder’s workshop solely to sell DVC, and we were appreciative of the efforts put into making sure this kiosk fit in so well to its surroundings. The details we captured in some of these pics are absolutely amazing. Note: you’re not crazy, I went back a second day and shot some daytime pictures… I don’t have a flash quite that powerful!

I hope you enjoy,

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  1. WOW!!! I didn’t examine it that closely when I was there, but I do remember being impressed. Although, considering that awesomeness that is the Tangled bathrooms I can’t say I’m surprised!

    1. It’s really wonderful how much detail they put in. I love it too.

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