Animal Kingdom Lodge – 1979

Greetings, Adventurers!

In a departure from the norm, I shot using a film camera for the very first time today. My family had Easter dinner at Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. I took my Pentax K1000 SE out to see how I’d do with film and to acquaint myself to some film shooting I wish to do in the future.

I took the film to Walgreens for processing and scanning to a CD – oddly, still available locally and in an hour. When I opened the envelope, some beautiful pictures greeted my eyes. The colors were like nothing I’d seen before, and the photos weren’t too bad overall. I realize that when I center the exposure meter on the K1000 (a super cool cadmium sulfide dealio that moves a little stick up and down in the viewfinder), I’m overexposing the film just a bit… So, for my next shoot, I’ll go to the low side of the exposure meter and see what turns out. Very excited to put some black and white film through the K1000 on my next trip to Walt Disney World!

I hope you guys enjoy, the pics had a certain vintage look, and the camera is from ~1979, so that’s where I got the name for this post.

I used a 50mm f/2 lens for all of these shots, with a Pentax Skylight lens filter. As always, click to embiggen the images.


AKL 1979 001 AKL 1979 023 AKL 1979 022 AKL 1979 021 AKL 1979 020 AKL 1979 019 AKL 1979 018 AKL 1979 017 AKL 1979 016 AKL 1979 015 AKL 1979 014 AKL 1979 013 AKL 1979 012 AKL 1979 011 AKL 1979 010 AKL 1979 009 AKL 1979 008 AKL 1979 007 AKL 1979 006 AKL 1979 005 AKL 1979 004 AKL 1979 003 AKL 1979 002

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  1. Rich says:

    I really enjoyed seeing this set. You know as well as I the flood of pics on Twitter everyday and how little thought goes into the majority of it. On the other end, many good photographers in the Disney realm tinker with their quality shots so much (HDR, color enhancements, etc.) that, while beautiful, it doesn’t look like anything you’d see with your own eyes. Looking forward to some more film from you.

    p.s. I discovered a few undeveloped rolls of film packed with my old Rebel SLR! No idea when they were taken or what’s on there. I’ll have to see if anything even shows up.

    1. Get those developed ASAP, the suspense would kill me! My next shoot is b&w and should be really fitting for film. Can’t wait to see how it all goes. Thanks for the kind words… Hope to learn more about film as time goes on.

  2. Becky Mossor says:

    This lodge is simply amazing. Though picture quality is a bit low. Wish i could go there.

    1. Yeah, the pics were my first time shooting film. Old camera I was learning.

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