EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival 2014

Welcome back!

I recently had the chance to visit EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival with my lovely fiancée, Melissa. As is our new custom, I’ve shared hundreds of pics below, and she has written up her thoughts over on her blog.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

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  1. George Brens says:

    Thank you for your incredible investment of the time to shoot and share all these great images. Those of us who can’t make the trip every year can live vicariously through your generosity. You have a finely tuned eye for composition. There are some great examples for point and shoot amateurs. I love Tink’s Butterfly House. That is worth at least an hour of time on it’s own. Thanks again!

    1. Happy to share the pics with you, and hope to help you visit when you can’t. Thanks for the kind words!

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