Hello Co-Op! Goodbye Paycheck!

Greetings, fellow shoppers!

The latest – dare I say “greatest” in the face of Starbucks fans? – addition to Downtown Disney is the Marketplace Co-Op. This store is a really revolutionary concept for Walt Disney World – a conglomeration of modularized retail spaces. The lovely Melissa Sue wrote all about our experience at the Marketplace Co-Op on opening day and about the concepts at work here. There are so many things to talk about: the distressed floor, the graphic design, the RFID tracking, the guest stars from the Norway Pavilion (no, not them), the open-yet-cozy design, the amazing merchandising presentation, the absolute genius behind this serving as a design incubator, and so much else… I can’t even narrow all of these things into a coherent blog post, so I’ll just give you the pictures and let Mouse on the Mind do the rest.

I, as per usual, took entirely too many photos of this sure-to-break-the-bank spot at Downtown Disney. They’re all below, separated by area. Scroll down or click the links to go directly to each gallery:

If you see some familiar sights here, it’s because I’ve been tweeting pretty regularly with the #MarketplaceCoOp hashtag, I took photos for SparklyNicole’s Curiouser and Curiouser Writeup, and I’ve posted pictures and discussions about the capabilities of MagicBands before.

Where do you see YOUR hard-earned money going? Let me know in comments or on twitter!

Cherry Tree Lane, in random order:

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Zoe and Pickles, in random order:

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Beautifully Disney, in random order:

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Centerpiece (we wanted everything here), in random order:

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Trophy Room, in random order:

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D-Tech on Demand, not in random order:

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Shared and Exterior Spaces, in random order:

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  1. chelby10 says:

    I always LOVE your blog. You are like my personal lifeline back to Disney every Week. Thank you. xxx (Keep it coming)

    1. Happy to share Disney with you when you can’t be there.

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