The Captain is Back!

Aloha Cousins!

Captain Cook’s recently reopened at the Polynesian Village Resort. You’ll remember that I covered its temporary home, and was excited when Mouse on the Mind asked me to get pics of the beautifully remodeled Captain Cook’s.

I decided to also share some pictures of the ongoing Polynesian Village Resort construction (I tweet a lot of one-off pics like that, so make sure you’re following me on twitter) as well. Now, my thoughts, titled with what the internet assures me is surfer slang:


  • Everything Melissa likes on her co-post of this remodel.
  • You can’t tell it’s new – think about that. This remodel fits in so well that if you’d never been to the resort, you wouldn’t know it was new.
  • The travel posters! Amazing work by Imagineers and Disney Design Group artists. I hope they end up for sale someday!
  • Tambu nachos without the ‘Ohana crowds and kids? YAY!
  • New menu items all look great, and the kitchen looks to be fully updated and new.


  • You didn’t want Dole Whips, did you? Good. They’re gone from here.
  • No more ordering kiosks. One person handles the ordering – VERY slowly.


  • The chairs, which I love, are rentals. I took a picture of the rental label, and you can see the chairs in use at other park events like the Great Movie Ride Dinner. I wonder if these are the final chairs or if different ones are coming.
  • If you don’t get ice in your RapidFill beverage, your cup won’t fill to the top. I posted a picture of this on Instagram and can only hope that the machine just isn’t calibrated yet.

My usual barrage of pictures is below, with captions explaining what you’re seeing. Make sure you check out Melissa’s post and let us know what you think in the comments or on twitter!


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