Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom


This extensive photo post is of one of the latest areas to open at Animal Kingdom: Harambe Market! While – at its core – this is nothing but a food court, it’s done with a level of style and detail that is just wonderful to experience. I won’t try to write flowery prose about what I’ve photographed, but I will caption each photo with an explanation. One thing I don’t want to bury in a caption is this: Harambe Market feels as if it has always been there, and you’ve somehow just been missing it.

I’ll anticipate the question I’m sure to get: “Where is this?” Harambe Marketplace is directly behind the Mombasa Marketplace in Harambe. After you cross the bridge into Africa, your first right will take you past Harambe Marketplace on your left (if you reach the trail about which Parkeology waxed poetic, you somehow overshot). If you go straight into Africa rather than making an immediate right, head toward the Wildlife Express to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, and you’ll see Harambe Marketplace on your right. These directions were good enough to have Nicole find me and meet me for lunch, so I have faith in them.

I attempted to sort the (200+) photos into four different galleries. I am aware that there is a ton of overlap between the galleries, but you get what you pay for on this blog… Don’t forget to check out my other New Harambe post as well!


PS: The best Hidden Mickey EVER is in Harambe Market. Make sure you read the caption after you click that link.

Food and related items.

Buildings, details, and environment.

Seating area.

Informational signage.

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  1. Nice set. I’m dying to get over there buy landscaping the new yard means no Disney until Sept/Oct.

    1. Just go to Disney and steal their plants. Problem solved.

  2. Love all these pictures! Can’t wait to visit in October!

    1. I hope you love it as much as I did!

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