An evening at Trader Sam’s


I recently had a short trip to Walt Disney World to catch up on some of the new things. As you know, I loved Harambe Market and thought this would be the pinnacle of my trip – but it wasn’t. After visiting Trader Sam’s to check out the much-hyped tiki bar, I realized that it was a tie between these two new magical spots. My thoughts and in-depth review are on my fiancée’s blog, and my pictures are below – grouped roughly by theme.

I shot using a Canon 6D and a Canon EOSM. Lenses were a 22mm, a 10-22mm, an 85mm, and a 28mm. Flash wasn’t used (and thankfully isn’t permitted!) in the bar, and photos were processed using Aperture for OS X. I color-corrected some photos to look as if Trader Sam’s was in natural sunlight to bring out details that were better served by that lighting. I left many more photos bathed in a mostly-blue light to show you what you’ll see within the bar itself.

As always, information is in the captions. Click to enlarge.






Inside Trader Sam’s

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  1. Kevin Oliveira says:

    Thanks for the awesome pictures and the great verbal review too! Now I just need the secret password for the beginning of August — as I am sure that occupancy of 51 is going to make it even harder to try those bar seats….

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