Cove Cafe: One of my Happy Places on the Disney Dream

Ahoy, landlubbers!

One of my favorite places – and it’s hard to choose favorites on a Disney Cruise – on the Disney Dream is Cove Cafe. Cove Cafe is the coffee-tinged heart of the Quiet Cove area of the Disney Dream. Inside, you’ll find a menu of outstanding coffee creations, incredible baked treats, and myriad spirits to lift yours during your visit. As usual, Melissa has written a more comprehensive review of this mid-century-awesome space, and I encourage you to visit!

Check out the pictures below to get a taste of a favorite place of mine. Each picture can be enlarged by clicking, and pales in comparison to the lovely space I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy on two cruises so far.

Until we sail again, friends!



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  1. Ah yes! Love the Cove Cafe! Especially love the little sweet treats in the display cases that are free! It’s such a great place to have some tea, check out the views, read a book or just hang out and chat.

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