Harambe Holidays


I visited Animal Kingdom twice last week. It’s no secret that I love Harambe, New Harambe, and Harambe Marketplace, which is why I was so excited to see the Imagineers have been busy decorating my favorite African destination for the holidays! I couldn’t stop taking photos of the creative decorations – some old and some new – and wound up with over 100 photos which I am sharing here. My fiancée, as always, went into more detail on her post, so I encourage you to check it out. I would like to note that the aforementioned fiancée shot many of these photos while I was off-site at a doctor’s appointment.

Also, this is the first post I’ve made under my site’s new theme. Please leave me feedback in the comments of your thoughts on the new layout!

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  1. Who else says:

    I cherish the new theme as one might cherish a bag of freshly made pasta chips.

    1. Your tastes are without compare.

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