Osborne Lights… Out.

Welcome back!

This is the last year for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Much like my Last Christmas at Camp Minnie-Mickey post, this article may sadden many of you. I hope, rather than making you sad, you’ll bookmark this post and pay it a visit any time you miss the most amazing Spectacle of Lights the world has ever known. My lovely fiancée has written a more in-depth post about these lights, freeing me up to share entirely too many pictures in the gallery below!

A few notes about these photos:

  • They were shot over a three-season time-frame, so please understand things may not match up from photo to photo or to your memories
  • Many are from the Muppets area, which didn’t have enough decorations to justify a post solely on that area
  • Several have Mickeys and snowflakes in the lights – this is NOT a filter I added while editing! I explain in this post how to make this happen and showcase the results here

As always, just click to enjoy the photos in a larger size. Happy whatever you celebrate!


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