Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular

We meet again at last,

If you follow me on any form of social media, it’s obvious that I love fireworks especially at Walt Disney World. I mean, seriously love taking pictures of fireworks clicking here will prove that. In recent years, Walt Disney World has brought back the fireworks of my childhood high in the skies over Hollywood Studios. I remember years ago, sitting on the steps leading to the waterfront walkway on Echo Lake, enjoying Sorcery in the Sky with my high school girlfriend and the return through Frozen, Star Wars, and New Year’s Eve of fireworks over the Chinese Theater has made me incredibly happy.

Although excited at the return of fireworks on a regular basis to Hollywood Studios, I was in no rush to see Symphony in the Stars – I assumed I’d get to it at some point in the spring. This all changed when @DisneyParksJenn and I were tweeting back and forth one evening and she linked me to the  Disney Parks Blog live stream of these fireworks showing later that evening. This was the very first Disney Parks Blog live stream I have ever watched and was absolutely agog at the way John Williams’ bombastic music matched the pyrotechnics – in mood and timing – so perfectly. Beyond how well the music matched the pyro, the designers of this show actually tell a synopsis of Star Wars’ major plot points through audio clips, pyrotechnic effects, and colors signifying battles between and victories by the Light and Dark Sides. Due to how well Symphony in the Stars played on my TV via a live stream, I knew I had to get to the park to see this show in person as soon as possible.

Luckily, the chance arose for me to travel to the parks the week after Christmas, and I was able to photograph the show two nights in a row on two cameras (BIG thanks to @ClintSSmith for lending me a second tripod AND a GorillaPod!) from two different locations. I have never had this many blog-quality photos from a single fireworks show in all of my photography at WDW. I am happy to share with you nearly 100 pictures and also a one-minute Hyperlapse of this eight-minute show.

As always, click to enlarge any photo and may the fireworks be with you!

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