Meridian on the Disney Dream

Greetings, fellow Castaways!

One of the places you’ll often find me when I’m sailing aboard the Disney Dream is Meridian Lounge. Cleverly named as it straddles the keel line of the ship, this quiet, classy, warm space is just perfect for a relaxing drink and light conversation with fellow cruisers. I love hanging out at Meridian, whether inside on the luggage-inspired seats under postmark-covered walls or outside under the starry skies over the open sea. I’ve attended both a cognac tasting and a martini tasting at the Meridian, and can’t recommend these experiences enough.

As is often the case, my lovely fiancée has written her thoughts about Meridian Lounge on her site.

Click on any photo to enlarge and to read a caption describing the contents of the photo. I took these photos over the course of two cruises two years apart, using a Canon 6D, a Canon EOS M, and a variety of lenses: 11-24mm, 10-22mm, 22mm, 28mm, and 50mm. Processed in Aperture for OS X.


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