Star Wars and the Power of Costume

Welcome back!

Recently, Melissa, Hannah, and I paid a visit to Discovery Times Square’s Star Wars & the Power of Costume exhibit. I can’t even begin to explain how complete and thorough this exhibit is. If you liked the AMI exhibit (recently closed) after the Backlot Studio Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the costumes on display at the Great Movie Ride, Star Wars Launch Bae, and/or the props found in One Man’s Dream, then the Power of Costume will absolutely enthrall and fascinate you. My lovely fiancee has written a comprehensive review of our visit on her site, while I provide you with over 300(!!!) photos in the gallery below.

As there were so many photos, I abandoned any attempt to organize them. That’s right: they’re in random order. I’m not even sorry. I have not captioned the photos, because I’m a lazy blogger who doesn’t want to fact-check and re-check my captions about Star Wars – one of the most precise fandoms on earth.

Click to enlarge any photo. We used a Canon SL1 and a 6D to capture these photos. The lenses were my usual 28mm and 50mm walk-around lenses, and Melissa’s 18-55, despite its small aperture (that little SL1 can do some pretty decent work in low light!).