Overlooked Disney: The Dream’s Stairwell Art

Ahoy hoy!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you something that very few people seem to have covered: The amazing art in the three main stairwells/elevator shafts of the Disney Dream. Melissa wrote about this in three prior posts (here, here, and here!) with smaller pictures. However, I have shared the glory that are these murals and smaller works of art in large format for your drooling pleasure. I have broken the photos into three galleries: Forward, Mid, and Aft. I’ve also listed them in order from the top of the ship to the bottom… I put a surprising amount of effort into this post, as you can tell if you’re a longtime reader (you know I just throw up a ton of photos in random order and let you sort it out).

Beyond the sorting, I found an AMAZING tool called DxO ViewPoint to square up distorted photos (I was shooting 11mm full-frame) for publication – this was freeware for 30 days, but I’ll be buying a full copy, I assure you. Here’s a great example of the distortion removal the program can do, with the adjusted photo up top and the original below:
Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.29.15 PMCrazy, right?! I think so… Maybe I’m just a photo nerd who shoots a lot of wide angle and can appreciate what these geniuses hath wrought… Anyway, on with the pics!

Forward Stairwell/Elevators:

Midship Stairwell/Elevators:

Aft Stairwell/Elevators:

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