Off the Beaten Path

Good day!

As a local with annual passes for over 20 years of his life, I’ve obviously spent a lot of time in the parks. I’ve probably passed through those turnstiles over 1000 times. Due to spending so much time in the parks, I have had more time than many people to explore all the little nooks and crannies and hidden spots. I’ve found quiet corners, beautiful spaces, air-conditioned places, and spots to just change my camera gear or wait for a friend to get to the parks.

My friend Jenna saw a random one of these photos which I feel are never worthy of blogging and fell in love with it. She suggested I pull together a post about all these out-of-the-way places that non-locals who hustle through the parks never get to see. So, I took her advice and can finally share all of these “throwaway” pics in a cohesive blog post. I’ve captioned each picture with the location – but see if you know it before you click to read it. Let me know any of your favorite spots I’ve left out… I’d like to visit them.

Enjoy the pics, and I hope you can enjoy some of these spaces in person sometime,


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