FORE! Winter Summerland Golf at Blizzard Beach


In this post, I share way too many photos (230!) of Disney’s Winter Summerland golf course. These two courses are an amazing Disney-filled way to spend your day if you don’t want to burn a park ticket (a travel half-day is perfect!), and Melissa and I had a blast here doing both courses one day. The premise of these courses are that the elves – including Santa! – visited Florida and loved the weather so much, they set up camp. Golfing through a series of campers, campfires, and elvish themes, you’ll find perfect theming to the tee. We did the summer course first, and the winter course second. The current admission price for the Winter Summerland is $14 for adults and $12 for children 3-9 per game. The second round on the same day is only half price. Click any photo to enlarge!

I hope you enjoy!
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