Saint Thomas Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour via the Disney Fantasy


Aboard our last sailing on the Disney Fantasy, we decided to check out ViaTor because none of the Disney-planned excursions looked great. We decided to do this walking tour and had an absolute blast! (ViaTor is a well-respected company with whom most TA’s work. If you want your own TA, I highly recommend Ashley.) While I’ve captioned each photo below with locations and food items, here’s a summary of the tour, which costs $65 as of today:

  • Meet at Fort Christian to start the tour.
  • Walk the streets and see a beautiful post office.
  • First food stop: E’s Teahouse & Things where you’ll get a nice cup of tea and salt fish balls.
  • Second food stop: My Brother’s Workshop Cafe and Bakery to get some rum cake and learn about the charitable non-profit behind this bakery.
  • Third food stop: Gladys’ Cafe for conch fritters, callalo, and fungi – click the pics for descriptions of those!
  • Our fourth and final food stop is Cuzzin’s for some incredible curried goat.
  • Our first and only booze stop is Big Kahuna Rum Shack where you try the island’s signature drink: the bushwacker. This is also a great place to spy your ship in port and get some gorgeous photos.
  • The entire walk is 1.25 miles and, if I recall, accessible by wheelchair. The walk is nice and slow, I have a mobility disability and kept up just fine.

I hope you enjoy these photos and give ViaTor a try for yourself!
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