MuppetVision 3D: A Top-Tier Attraction

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One of the absolute best attractions at Hollywood Studios – Walt Disney World? – is MuppetVision 3D. Full of puns, action, comedy, and physical comedy, this show is a crowd pleaser for any age. I decided to commemorate this show in nearly 200 photos (yes, really) below. I hope you enjoy this reminder of the good times you’ve had with this childhood classic!

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  1. I agree! We do it every time we go to hollywood studios! What is your favorite Disney show?

    1. I’m a sucker for Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular- even though I’ve got it memorized at this point. But I will say Nemo at Animal Kingdom is my current favorite.

      1. Me too! I am actually an extra in real life, so it is hilarious to see how accurate it is! haha

      2. Oh that’s awesome. What a cool job!

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