Pit Stop: South of the Border


On the drive from the Northeast down to Walt Disney World, on the border of South and North Carolina is one of the most amazing places on Earth: South of the Border. Started as a truck stop and cheap place for North Carolina residents to get beer at extended hours, this is now a racially-insensitive tourist trap sprawling several acres with catchy billboards for hundreds of miles in all directions. And it is AMAZING! I am by no means racist, sexist, or trapped in 1949, but I can appreciate a relic of days past. I have split this post up into seven separate parts: food/restaurants, the hotel and accommodations, outdoor areas, the reptile lagoon (it used to be a mini golf course!), awesome shopping, amazing neon signage, and myriad statues dotting the property. Check out the galleries below and realize it’s an incredible place to spend the night for way cheaper than you expect!

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Hotel/Accommodations (The Presidential Suite!!)


The Reptile Lagoon

Shopping and Merchandise

Amazing Signage


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