Yak and Yeti Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Namaskāra and welcome,

Yak and Yeti – nestled among the lush plants of Animal Kingdom’s Asia – is an incredible treasure of immersive atmosphere, delicious food, and tropical drinks. As an added bonus, since this is a Landry’s restaurant, you can join the Landry’s Select Club (free!) to skip the line (no, seriously, when everyone rushes into this restaurant because it’s raining, you get the next-available table that matches your party size) and get reward points. The Landry’s Select membership works at Rainforest Cafe, T. REX Cafe, and hundreds of other restaurants across property and the world. The pictures in this post were taken on three cameras and two phones over the course of three years – sorry for the wild variability in quality and skill.

Next time you’re at Animal Kingdom, I hope you give Yak and Yeti a shot.

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