Enchanted Rose Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa


In the space formerly occupied by Mizner’s and the oft-neglected pro shop next door, WDI has created a lounge inspired by Beauty and the Beast. This is a bizarre, bizarre little space that actually makes me miss Mizner’s. My annoyances with this space are best in list format:

  • No kiddie mocktails. In a Beauty and the Beast lounge.
  • Two separate spaces completely disparate in quality and texture.
  • Horrible service. I get that we were a low tab (although six drinks for the family, at their prices, isn’t a tiny tab) and not dressed for Victoria and Albert’s, but to be all but ignored by a server is not very Disney. We were one of three tables the entire evening, the slow service was not acceptable.
  • Confused people wandering in and out – it’s a lounge, y’all, don’t hurt your brains.
  • They relocated the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra to a spot where the acoustics are terrible – and not even for the lounge, just for a few chairs.

Yeah, so… Leave this off your list. Look at the 20 pics that more-than document the place and save your money.

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