American Celebration on Parade at Shenandoah Caverns


This isn’t a Disney post, but is definitely a good time that may be closer to home than you expect. Plus: There’s *one* Disney prop in the photos. Today’s post is about American Celebration on Parade at Shenandoah Caverns in Quicksburg, Virginia. We didn’t arrive early enough on our visit (we were on our way home from Disney’s Hilton Head Island DVC Resort) to tour the caverns – which cost about $15 per visitor – but we did get to see the huge warehouse full of parade floats and props known as American Celebration on Parade. It was amazing, and it was free. Free free. Not free-with-caverns-ticket, not free-for-great-grandparents, not free-for-military, just FREE. It’s a well-spent 45 minutes and $0. Oh, cool little note: Some of the floats maintain their animations – if you press a button on a placard, heads move, drumsticks strike, and mouths hideously move with the pain of thousands of years of tortured souls.

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