Pandisney: BOATHOUSE in the Time of COVID.

Ahoy there!

Welcome to the BOATHOUSE and Disney Springs in the time of COVID. I wanted to see how pandemic protocols were being followed before buying the Florida Resident four-day ticket. I found everyone (except one woman who thought carrying a drink excused her) wearing masks, tons of custodial CMs cleaning and sanitizing, people keeping distant, and tons of patios in use. I feel completely safe visiting the parks – and keeping mostly outside – and will be buying my four-day ticket soon. There was even a CM making sure no more than one family/party was in the elevator each time!

This set of photos goes from the Lime Garage to BOATHOUSE and back – I took photos of anything dealing with the pandemic and also of all the outdoor dining I saw. Each picture can be clicked to enlarge and see the caption.

Stay safe and healthy!
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