Goodbye. is no more. Killed by my alcoholism and poor choices – by me. As of today, May 20, 2021, I have been sober for 326 days, after a five-year drinking career during which I treated women in my life like objects. I would drink nightly and lie to women on twitter about my relationship status in order to talk to them. For this, I have apologized publicly, to many of the women directly (where AA’s Step Nine applies – no harm was done), and have left the service altogether. In November, this site will blink out of existence, and all the posts on it have already been removed.

I, however, have a favor to ask of you; one I hope you’ll grant me in honor of the people I hurt: Let me go. Stop mentioning me. Stop joking about the trauma. Stop doing anything other than helping the people I hurt in my alcoholism. Every time my name comes up on twitter, a woman I offended is reminded of me. Don’t do this to them, don’t put them through the memory of how I behaved. Don’t remind them of the pain I caused. I don’t see the jokes, I don’t see the mentions – to be honest, I’m out there living a life as free as I hope theirs are.

Let them heal,
AtDisneyAgain (at)

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