Memorial Day Weekend at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House

U hali gani? Welcome to a three-day weekend at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jambo House. This post is way overdue – the photos are over five years old! – but it felt like the right time to post it, as I have two non-park Disney vacations coming up due to COVID-19. Neither of my upcoming stays…

Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village Lobby

Jambo! This is far from my first Animal Kingdom Lodge post, but it’s such a lovely place that it deserves a little more attention. Check out the twenty-six photos below for a trip in and around this gorgeous lobby. -ADA @AtDisneyAgain Support me on Patreon for as little as $1 a month!

Sanaa: The Best Restaurant You Haven’t Visited

Gari langu linaloangama limejaa na mikunga! Animal Kingdom is my favorite park. It only makes sense that Animal Kingdom Lodge is my favorite Disney resort. I have spent entire three-day weekends at Animal Kingdom Lodge without ever setting foot in the parks. Animal Kingdom Lodge offers so much to do and see: beautiful savannas, amazing…

Animal Kingdom Lodge – 1979

Greetings, Adventurers! In a departure from the norm, I shot using a film camera for the very first time today. My family had Easter dinner at Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. I took my Pentax K1000 SE out to see how I’d do with film and to acquaint myself to some film shooting…

Two Nights at Kidani Village

Jambo! This past January, my fiancĂ©e treated us to two nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village. We had a savannah view studio, and I have shared pictures of the lobby, room, and our view below. Make sure to check out Melissa’s post on our time in Africa. Enjoy, -ADA @AtDisneyAgain

Jambo House Sunset Wallpaper

Click the above picture to download a full-size wallpaper of a sunset over the Jambo House’s savannah overlook at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Boma and Jiko Culinary Tour

Moments ago, we took the previously-unknown-to-us Boma and Jiko Culinary Tour. Meet in the lobby of Boma at 4pm to catch this tour! The captions explain everything about the tour. Lots of fun facts and some great food – for free! Hope you enjoy! -ADA