A Quick Walk through the China Pavilion

Welcome back, This is as-advertised: A few quick pics of the China Pavilion at EPCOT. -ADA @AtDisneyAgain Support me on Patreon for as little as $1 a month!

Universe of Energy

Welcome back, Judy, This post is just a few pics from a newly-retired classic: Universe of Energy. Whether you liked it for its camp, the air-conditioned nap, the outdated information, or the outright Big Oil propaganda, you probably miss this ride. I hope these pics take you down memory lane. Enjoy, -ADA @AtDisneyAgain

Epcot’s Coral Reef Restaurant

Welcome back! This short photo tour is of Coral Reef at Epcot’s Seas Pavilion. I’ve been a few times and have always enjoyed myself. This is a restaurant that seemingly gets no love, but I think it’s great. I hope you enjoy the pics below! -ADA @AtDisneyAgain

Off the Beaten Path

Good day! As a local with annual passes for over 20 years of his life, I’ve obviously spent a lot of time in the parks. I’ve probably passed through those turnstiles over 1000 times. Due to spending so much time in the parks, I have had more time than many people to explore all the…

Kinaras, Dreidels, and Nutcrackers – Oh My!

Happy Holidays, everyone! One of my favorite activities to do each year at Walt Disney World is EPCOT’s Holidays Around the World. Each pavilion has a storyteller talking about the holidays celebrated around Christmas in each country. In this post, I share some photos from three celebrations: Kwanzaa and Hanukkah – both in the American…

Maelstrom Memories

Hallo og velkommen! This is probably a pretty sad post for much of the Disney community. The loss of Maelstrom has been a hot topic for many moons on twitter, with most people expressing more attachment than I thought possible for this little boat ride in the corner of the World (Showcase). I didn’t ride…

iGot an iPhone 6, and All uGot are These Weenie Pictures

Welcome (back?)! Last Friday, I walked into the Verizon Wireless store after work to check out demo iPhones and see what I’d need to move over from AT&T and get Melissa onto a family plan with me. I was told that they didn’t have any demo phones, but that they had some in stock to…

Le Cellier Steakhouse and Victoria Gardens

Greetings! Recently, I joined @AmyLPlant and @EPCOT_Prime for dinner at Le Cellier at EPCOT. The pictures are below… I don’t think there’s too much explanation needed. :) -ADA @AtDisneyAgain

Behind the Seeds Tour

Welcome back! Today, I take you on a tour with my fiancée and me through EPCOT’s Behind the Seeds Tour. This tour is absolutely perfect for those wondering if Disney tours are right for them: it’s short, it’s air-conditioned, it’s wheelchair-accessible, photography is allowed, and it’s only $20 ($17 with a discount!). As usual, I’m…

La Cava del Tequila

¡Bienvenidos, mis amigos! Recently, Melissa and I were welcomed into La Cava del Tequila shortly before opening to photograph this hot spot in rare form: empty. La Cava is a fan favorite at EPCOT, and it’s easy to see why: a huge selection of tequila, delicious fresh food, knowledgeable servers, low lights, cold air conditioning,…