Inside a Room at Universal Orlando’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Welcome (back?), These 39 pictures are what you can expect to see when you grab a room at Universal Studios Orlando’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Not a whole lot else to say, other than I color-corrected everything from a yellow glow to white to make the colors pop. Enjoy! -ADA

50s Prime Time and Tune-In Lounge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Welcome! Mom says put away your walkie-talkies and just eat! She’s so tired of this nonsense day in and day out, and she’s going to ground you unless you finish your fried chicken. For me, there’s no better dining experience – and I love Brown Derby – at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Mom is your server,…

We Took George Down the Shore

Welcome back! A couple of Presidents’ Days ago, my wife and I took our dog, George, down the shore to frolic on an empty beach, check out Mid-Century Modern architecture, try to find neon signs, see a sunken WWII ship, explore a Naval Air Station, admire a lighthouse, and get close to an old bunker….