Port Orleans Riverside Christmas

Seasons’ Greetings! These few dozen pics show how Disney decorates Port Orleans Riverside for the holidays. Enjoy! -ADA

Port Orleans Riverside: River Roost and Yehaa Bob

Welcome back! One of the best things about Walt Disney World is the amount of live music available across the entire resort. One of the more distinguished acts – playing for over twenty-one years – is Yehaa Bob at Port Orleans Riverside’s River Roost bar. Arrive early (it’s a full house for every show), grab…


Ça va, mon amis? Welcome to Boatwright’s, a well-kept secret at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. It’s so well-kept, that I’m often worried it’ll disappear due to not being a money maker. I haven’t gone but one time since I began taking photos, so the very few pics in this post will have to do….

Floatworks at Port Orleans French Quarter

Welcome back, Late last year, I headed to Port Orleans French Quarter to take some pics of their Christmas decorations. While there, I stopped for a beignet and to capture some of the essence of the terribly creepy Floatworks restaurant. This counter-service restaurant is themed as if it is the warehouse where Mardi Gras floats…

Port Orleans Royal Guest Rooms and a Ride Down the River

Greetings! These pictures are from a quick getaway during the first weekend of February, 2013. I’d had a terrible day at work and knew rates were decent during this time of year. My first and only previous stay in a Port Orleans Royal Guest Room was fairly rainy, so I wanted to see it all…